2008 The Human Nature Group was born at UCSD. We started it to create a revolution in the way we think about ourselves. Political philosophers and other social scientists had thought about human nature for centuries, but recently natural scientists had become increasingly interested in human nature, too. We wanted to bring these two groups together, so we created a weekly workshop to achieve that end.

We initially read and discussed multidisciplinary work in Nature, Science, and PNAS, but we gradually evolved into a workshop where we presented our own work in progress to one another.

2010 We held our first annual weekend retreat in Julian, California.

2011 We invented the “Five Minute Fiesta,” an occasional workshop in which multiple members have an opportunity to give short presentations about their work within the space of an hour.

2012 We added to the mix an occasional “Methods Primer” presentation in which one member would present details on a new method to the group.

2015 We started holding annual alumni “Masters” retreats for members who were post-PhD.

2016 We started a second weekly workshop held in the Medical School.

2018 We started holding alumni “Platinum” retreats for members who were post-tenure.

2019 We changed our name to the Omni Methods Group to reflect our growing interest in a wide variety of quantitative methods across the social, computer, and natural sciences. We also added a biweekly reading group to discuss new methods papers written by others.